Videos, webinars and white papers

To help you get most out of our services, we offer white papers on variety of interconnection topics.

The DE-CIX Academy has published videos and recorded webinars explaining topics like what is an AS number, how to get started with peering, and how to get rid of DDoS traffic.

All white papers and technical guides are available here.

How to connect to Amazon Web Services via DE-CIX DirectCLOUD

This guide provides an overview of the benefits of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and introduces carriers and ISPs to the relevant services that make up the platform. It serves as a quick product guide and informative booklet for directly connecting to AWS via DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD service.

Why do I need an ASN?

Having an ASN is the key to multi-homing and "real redundancy". It also allows you to peer at an Internet Exchange, and take advantage of interconnection services such as Microsoft Azure Peering service. Read our white paper to find out more.

Traffic routing basics (BGP focus)

Download our white paper to learn more about inbound and outbound routing, how a router decides which path is best, localpref, MED and AS-PATH rules, and best practices.

How enterprises benefit from direct access to Microsoft

Read this white paper to find out how your enterprise can benefit from a direct, secure way to the Microsoft Azure cloud services, with low latency and bypassing the public Internet.

Step by step guide to connecting to Microsoft Azure with DE-CIX DirectCLOUD

Download our white paper to get step by step instructions on how to configure private peering and Microsoft peering to help you set up connectivity with optimal routing from your premises to Microsoft Azure via DirectCLOUD. 

How interconnection drives the digital transformation of enterprises

Learn how Internet Exchanges and the interconnection services they offer can help you to future-proof your business to deal with ever increasing amounts of data and new applications.

When to peer and when to use transit

At one point or another in your network’s growth cycle, you will ask yourself the question: When should I peer and when should I use transit? In the white paper we show some results of an empirical study comparing peering and transit.

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